3 Tips for Booking Your Next Cruise Vacation


Everyone knows the Golden Rule of Real Estate—Location, Location, Location. That principle carries over into the cruise industry in a different way. You simply have to have your destination in mind before you start looking around for quality cruise liners. Different cruise agencies specialize in different areas, and the nature of your cruises may vary wildly depending on your ultimate destination. A cruise to Mexico is going to be quite different from one to Morocco, and one to Spain or the Caribbean is going to be different from those as well. As a quick corollary to that, keep the duration of your trip as well as your ultimate destination in mind. Again, some cruise agencies excel in with a quick trip, while others are more oriented towards slower, lengthier trips; in the former case, you may arrive at your destination quicker, and in the latter case, there may be more of an emphasis on the cruise line’s part of making it all seem like a grand experience.



An obvious point to touch on, but still one well worth mentioning. Certain cruise liners will certainly cost more—Crystal is arguably one of the premier cruise lines overall, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cost a pretty penny as well, and a Disney cruise is sure to set you back as well. That being said, you certainly get what you pay for. There’s a reason Crystal is so well regarded, given its luscious interiors and fantastic atmosphere, and of course the name “Disney” speaks for itself when it comes to entertainment.

Type of Group

Some cruise lines specialize in a certain kind of cruise. For example, it’s rather obvious that Disney prides itself on its family-friendly image, and so you can expect a family-oriented cruise experience on their liners; as such, if you’re looking for something a bit more exotic and adult or a bit less Mickey Mouse, you may want to reconsider. Additionally, being a single on a couples cruise line can feel a bit lonely.