A Guided Bike Tour in Cologne


Travelling around a new city is always exciting but a Guided Bike Tour of Cologne is the perfect example of the most rewarding way to check out what a city has to offer and the following, are a few of the most important reasons as to exactly why;

Hate Traffic? So Do We.

We all know that feeling of being stuck in traffic whether it’s going to work or going out to meet friends, well this same traffic exists in every city and so does this problem with traffic, whether you are on vacation of not.

This is the first reason why a bike tour in Cologne is so much better than any bus tour or visit to the train station, you don’t need to worry about getting stuck in traffic. No, on a bike tour you can just slip right past while everyone is waiting and focus on the more pleasant part of your surroundings.

We hate traffic too, but luckily you don’t have to worry about this on a bike tour.

It’s not Exhausting, It’s Perfect!

It’s also not the exhausting activity that some people think it is. A bike tour of Cologne will last for 3 hours but actually, you will cover a maximum of 15km meaning that it’s actually not a very long distance to cover over such a nice time frame. You will have a nice opportunity to exercise and stretch your legs over these few hours but you will not be exhausted, the bike tour is deigned to be enjoyable by all ages and fitness levels.

A bit of daily exercise is good for you but we understand you also want to relax on your trip to Cologne, that’s why we have designed the prefect tour to make sure you can do both.

It’s Cheaper Than a Car & You See More

Taking a bike tour of Cologne is by far the best way to see more, but not only this, it is also much cheaper than if you were to rent a car.

There’s no fuel, no added cost and no parking tickets to worry about. You just come to our bike shop in Cologne near Central Station and we will get you ready to go see more of the city, in the most cost effective way.

Rent a Bike or Take a Guided Bike Tour? You Decide

By all means, we are happy for you to hire a bike for the day or a few hours if you wish to do so but the most popular service we offer, is in fact the Guided bike tour of Cologne.

The tour is taken at a very leisurely pace so you have time to enjoy the sights along the way and you also have stops included to make sure you can take photographs safely but from feedback, we know that having an experienced guide who knows the city, is what makes most peoples visit to our City so memorable.

We have the best tour guides in Cologne so you can be assured that you won’t miss out on all the little things along the way and can experience one of the best things to do in Cologne.