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So, you’re planning your next trip and you want to make the most of your time. There are things you should do in advanced, so that you can make the most of your travel. Planning in advance will make sure that you are stress free. I found an amazing site that you should visit before planning your next tour because it will provide you best travel tips on every aspect like best destinations, where to stay, best cheap flights, backpacking tips, how to deal with locals in other countries and much more. I am going to give you five amazing traveling tips as a demo. For more real traveling tips I would recommend you to visit (www.wheretostay.tips). Lets start:

1. Who do you like to Travel with? (Selection of your Traveler Buddies):

It’s always easy to take a vacation and go with friends or family but are you going to have a good time?

Just because you have a friend that you love to hang out with doesn’t mean they will be the perfect vacation buddy. Sure your friend or cousin may be a great person, but if there idea of a perfect vacation may be hitting the hiking trails and yours is relaxing by the beach, can bring some conflict. Be sure that the vacation schedule is clear to everyone. You’ll want to make sure that everyone has enough funds to go on vacation; you don’t want to be flipping the bill for a friend whose deposit hasn’t hit the bank.

I have some horror stories of going on vacation and having a friend not want to do the same activities that I did and not having enough money towards the end of the trip. So, before committing yourself to an all buddies vacation be sure it’s clear on all the activities everyone wants’ to do and be sure airline tickets and hotel are paid well in advance to avoid any money issues at the end of the trip. Clearing the air before heading out will ensure that you have the best vacation with your friends.

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2. Getting the most of your vacation:

So, you’re planning your next trip and you want to make the most of your time. There are things you should do in advanced, so that you can make the most of your travel. Planning in advance will make sure that you are stress free. Below are steps you can take before leaving on vacation to make an easy transition into your planned time off.

Before leaving on your vacation you want to make sure you tidy-up at the office this way you won’t have a lot waiting for you when you get back. Clearing your desk and your head will make it far easier to decompress right away. You’ll also want to inform your key contacts that you will be gone and provide a contact person that can step in during your absence. Be sure to plan for a smooth re-entry into work and clear your calendar on your first day back, create a to–do list or reminder memo to review when you return, this will get you back in the game quickly. Make a commitment to yourself that your vacation will be a genuine break; no email, no voicemail or business calls. Your time off is time to replenish yourself and it should be satisfying; play hard but be sure to get the rest your body needs.

Finally, when you return it’s important that your body clock get back into its regular routine, be back home a full day in advance and in your own bed, on your regular schedule. Remember in the end, how you spent your vacation time may be more important than what you have done at work.

3. How to prepare for that great vacation:

Once school is out, summertime begins as soon as the school bell rings. Besides all the travel planning you should be doing the obvious preparations of visualizing a perfect vacation. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family, a great way to insure that you have the best trip possible is by meditation. Imagining that your trip, you and your family are all enjoying the vacation without any glitch is very important.

Simply imagining that you are enjoying your vacation is just the start to making that vacation unforgettable. By using your imagination you are programming your vacation to have all the perfect elements. Your imagination and thoughts precedes physical manifestation. So, you need to first think of what you desire before it can manifest. At first you might feel silly or childish playing your thoughts in your head but it is indeed going to help you to have the greatest vacation ever. The positive thinking will only bring about positive results by laying the path for good vibes. Vacations are more than just planning your agenda and hotel stays. Having and bringing your positive energy will always guarantee a positive outcome. Don’t be afraid to try it and once you do, you will find yourself doing it regularly with great outcomes to your daily life.

4. Always prepare before you go on that long trip:

Every year millions of people hit the open road in search of fun in the sun. They are just waiting for the day to come when they can take that much needed vacation from their everyday headaches and concerns, but all too often their vacations come to a halt because people neglect to prepare. Don’t let the lack of preparation spoil your vacation. Before packing that suitcase, make sure that your vehicle is in top shape because car troubles can be monstrous and destroy even the best vacation plans.

If you are going on a road trip it is essential that you do a little preventive maintenance on your vehicle, don’t even think about leaving home without it. Prior to your vacation you should have the vital fluids, belts and hoses checked. You don’t want to go anywhere if any of the belts in your car are frayed, glazed or cracked and be weary of hoses that are spongy, soft or brittle because if they are, they need to be replaced. You’ll also want to make sure that your battery is fairly new, if your battery is older than four years old, consider replacing it. Battery terminals and cables should be cleaned and securely attached to the battery terminals. Other preventive maintenance that should be done is checking your brakes, cooling system and air-conditioning. You should also be aware of any noises, clunking or any sudden vibrations out of the ordinary; these can be signs of a hidden problem that should be checked before hitting the road. So, get that pre-trip inspection and some peace of mind, you’ll have comfort in knowing that you took proper precautions.

5. Vacation without the kids:

It’s important to every relation to make sure you spend quality time together. Just because you want to take a vacation without the kids, doesn’t make you a bad parent. The first thing you need to do is make plans to take the children to a place where they will be comfortable, like grandmas or another close relative. If you are going for a short weekend getaway having your child sleep over with a friend might be an option for a place for your child to go. Be sure and explain to your child that you and daddy will be gone but that you will be back for them. Another option could be if Grandma can spend the days that you will be gone at your home, this way the child remains in their routine and will be comfortable at home. So, often parents don’t take the time for each other once the children come. You and your spouse should always take time for each other, so this way neither one feels neglected. A short getaway or even a week-long vacation can do wonders to rekindle your relationship.

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