Night Tour Of Shanghai World Expo Bright Atmosphere

Shanghai World Expo opening soon, in the Expo starts trial operation period, the enthusiastic crowd ebb and flow of tourists has been the influx of the Expo. To avoid crowds, easier and more enjoyable travel Expo, peak load shifting travel, night tours Expo, regarded as a good choice. It is reported that most of the venues open at 21 o’clock closing time after.

 River Night:

“Night River” has been the tourists the best way to enjoy the night in Shanghai, we can ship the Bund and the Lujiazui Finance and carefully taste the bright center night view. The completion of the Expo is to make “Night River” line from the Lujiazui, the Bund extended to the Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge, the vast region between.
Huangpu River by boat on the tourist line in the Lujiazui financial district enjoy the complete Shanghai after the landmark buildings will Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge, one between the colorful world to see that dream of Shanghai World Expo: shaped like UFO’s World Expo Performing Arts Center set off in the shade groves, riverside green space near the forceful stand the theme pavilion, high Baosteel on the big stage performing a wonderful program, and the Puxi the original incarnation of the Jiangnan Shipyard, the shipyard into a modern large-scale exhibition hall …

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From the water into the Expo, visitors must be from the “World Expo Watergate” (into the Expo area by sea terminals) board, where the completion of the Expo ticket inspection, security inspection procedures. At present, the Shanghai World Expo plans were set Watergate Expo 10, which set three World Expo site, set up outside the park in Qinhuangdao Road, Shiliupu, Qichang stack, Lujiazui, etc. 7. In addition, some travel in the water distribution center in the terminal such as terminal Baoshan Wusongkou Expo is also actively striving to become the Watergate.
“One Axis Complex in the” golden area, the Expo Cultural Center most “spectacle”
As the core area of Expo, including the World Expo Axis, China Pavilion, Expo Center, a museum and cultural center of the Expo, including the “one axis and four Hall”, is also a night light design should focus on the performance of the object. Cultural Centre where the Expo is the prime area of one of the best scenic spots. “Unlike an axis and four other venues, just like they Pavilion, Expo Cultural Center is a dish shape, and night lighting design, highlighting the characteristics of this architecture make it more agile Qing Yi, Bach. ”
During the Expo, and cultural center will have a major theatrical performances every night, to the weekend, but will have various kinds of “heavyweight” program turns debut.