PhuketFit Retreat in Thailand



Welcome to PhuketFit: temporary home of countless, happy people. There is so much to do and so much to see; AND you can snap yourself back into pristine form while you’re here. We have many specially developed, and individually catered programmes to take care of your bodies and improve your total health. Forget your woes and concerns for a while and come—bask in the sun, on a beautiful beach or explore ancient temples and secret tracks to – who knows where! Step into a daring adventure and meet the fantastic people . . . all the while you’ll be pampered and spoiled and treated as royalty by the locals, and guided by skilled, efficient staff throughout your time away. At PhuketFit we provide superb accommodation and modern facilities. Your meals will be taken care of and prepared for by professionals. And what meals they will be; just ask the countless others whom have already tasted the sweets of Thailand. Read the reviews of those that have discovered this historical secret, hidden away in the Andaman Sea. Temperatures within this subtropical climate range throughout the year between 22-33 deg C. And the sunshine hours meander on average between 120-300 per month; beautiful! Even swimming in the ocean can also be enjoyed, all year round; beat that!


Embarking on a fitness holiday may be a new idea for you, but according to our many satisfied guests (many of which return regularly) it is a life changing event — one of those events you don’t easily forget: and not only that . . . it’s one that you can continue to benefit from even when you’ve gone home afterwards. Our highly skilled and qualified trainers are here to make sure you succeed and there is no lack of programmes to choose from. If you like high impact training, then HIIT or Bootcamp might be for you. Or take it a little easier with YOGA and Pilates, and many other more suitable, yet structured training options. And that’s just it . . . you have many options; in fact so many that you can tailor an entire training regime that is unique to yourself and to which goals you wish to achieve. Throughout your training, whichever it may be — the qualified staff here, will be your attentive guides and mentors. You will be pushed to do better, you will be encouraged to increase resistance training and your strength and abilities will be stretched . . . BUT . . . it will most definitely be fun! And when you think you can’t go on, you can rest in the sun; take a breather, have a chat with new–found friends whom will be going through the paces right alongside you. Lifelong benefits and lifelong memories is what PhuketFit is all about; you will not be disappointed. We look forward to having you come along.


Lacking libido? Get your energy pack and state of mind cleansed and back on track. PhuketFit is Thailand’s number 1 hot spot for healthy bodies, and one of the most popular health holidays we offer here, is detox and cleanse. So what is a detox, and why do we need it? Detox is the process of cleaning out our system of all the filth that has become abundant within. As we become full of toxins and ill-processed wastes etc., our bodies become sluggish and stagnant. Our systems might go into a state of overdrive as they’re forced to work harder. This can be quite destructive to our whole being, causing health problems from simple things like bad breath, clouded minds and headaches, right through to the extent of blocked arteries and heart failure. A detox and cleanse will revitalise and re-energise you, getting you back into peak condition. You’re a little like a vehicle and if you don’t give that vehicle a regular service and constant maintenance then it will eventually ‘break down!’ Now unfortunately when we break down, we’re a whole lot more expensive to repair than a vehicle; we can’t just go and buy a new part! Besides, we are far more important than any vehicle. Look after your body and your body will look after you! At PhuketFit the food, detox and cleanse diets we cater, will be like manna from heaven. It’s rich in antioxidants, full of proteins and carbs yet low in calories. Most is sourced locally and prepared for you by our friendly staff. Your body will thank you for the pampering, when you soon discover just how much better you can really feel – once you’ve experienced the unique detox and cleansing programmes: and as you finally enjoy a memorable holiday.


Have you been failing at home to get into the shape you once were? You’re not alone and you WON’T be alone again when you take the plunge into the weight loss holiday programme here, at the coveted PhuketFit weight loss retreat, in Thailand. No need to feel inadequate or hopeless anymore as you embark on a fantastic fitness holiday and home away from home. You’ll receive top-notch support and expert help as you shed those uncomfortable pounds. We’re here to help you succeed like never before. But not only will you succeed here in the beautiful east coast, you will be equipped to take that success back home when you leave, because we’ll teach you the skills to carry on with your fitness success. Join up with so many others who have discovered the secret of Thailand’s number 1 fitness retreat. Be encouraged and spurred on to achieving those goals, with a regime that is personally prepared for you; and enjoy the respect and daily pampering awaiting as your reward. You will feel the burn with trained professionals that can show you the ropes, and whom will be your guide through the large choices of fitness options available. Do you remember the natural buzz of endorphines once experienced before, because of a hearty dose of exercise and a recreation combination? If you don’t, well you’re in for a real treat! Climb the ladder to a greater level of energy and stamina, rediscover the joy of being able to do a whole lot more than you’ve been able to for some time; enjoy the journey to freedom from flab! Why wouldn’t you want to come; what’s stopping you? Success is in the DOING. So make the bookings to get here and JUST DO IT!