San Francisco amazing Travel Guide

Sherpa on International adventure, and today we are in the city by the Bay San Francisco California the city by the bay for this” land is Rich and diverse history with its status as the home. To some of the biggest companies in the world nestled ,on the Pacific coast San Francisco is a breathtakingly, beautiful city and one that I was proud “to call my home for several years “because I can consider myself three major airports San Francisco International Oakland and San Jose to San ,Francisco International Airport .

 This might sound slightly contrary to Conventional wisdom’ but I actually recommend that you get to San Francisco Airport early because, it’s a whole new number of rotating exhibits .Some of the city’s top museums there’s also a fantastic aviation museum has a recreation of the original Passenger Terminal at SFO from the 19 thirties SFO, also home to my beloved Virgin America and Ireland. I hope lunch back in the heady days of, 2007 and the fair for you to leave I had to work , If you’re flying domestically in the US I strongly recommend, that because all other airlines are terrible so you landed at SFO what’s the cheapest fastest and best way to get into San Francisco .We’re going to put the sound of that SamTrans princess to leave directly from the terminal that cost $2 to get ,you into the city for a taxi outside of rush-hour a taxi or on-demand car is the fastest way, to get to San Francisco or taxi will cost between 30 and $40 .


Take around 25 minutes he has a $65 remember a taxi driver tip 10% on top of the fastest around 45 minutes for $9 as well sign posted throughout the airport. San Francisco so what might look  an easy breezy, American Crime does comprehensive collected is a mishmash of trains Subways buses taxis ferries and Light Rail like, it is that you’re one of the few things that will cause complain about :where to describe the system in one word suboptimal smelly farts just like my mother-in-law that’s not one word .

 It is creative but despite those less than glowing endorsement system will get you from point A to point B quickly, safely and cheaply parts for Bay Area Rapid Transit in San Francisco aging but functional commuter .Rail and subway service as a single line to San Francisco with multiple stops from the airport to the financial “district and then on to other parts of the Bay Area is very depending on how far you’re traveling and start a dollar 85401.