Tips on How to Pack laguage for 10 Days Trip

If you’ve traveled lately, you know how costly it can be to check on extra luggage, especially on discount flights.  That isn’t even taking into account the time you have to spend at baggage check-in answering questions about who packed your luggage or tipping the bag men.  Plus, when you get off your flight, you have to spend time at the carousel fighting off others, only to find that your luggage was mishandled, man-handled or worse—lost.


Five Easy Steps to Packing a Carry-On for 10 Days

Instead, save yourself the trouble and just have one carry-on.  We’ve found that you can get about ten days worth of clothes (figuring three outfits in the bag plus the one you wear on the flight), into just one carry-on.

  • Roll up everything that you wear including shorts, shirts, blouses, trousers, suits, etc.  Folding up your clothes takes up too much space and it leaves wrinkles.  Place them to the side.
  • Place your shoes (you should wear your casual sneakers on the flight) in the bag first, the soles along the edge of the bag to form a protective pocket in the middle of the bag.
  • Start placing your rolled-up, heavier clothes at the bottom i.e. jeans, sweatshirts, etc.
  • Place the lighter clothes on top of these, forming a tight layer-by-layer, rolled-up clothing wall, packed tightly together.
  • If you have any fragile items, place them in between the layers of rolled-up clothing i.e. heavy-duty clothing on the bottom, then a layer of rolled up t-shirts, then your cosmetic bag, cologne bottles, etc., all topped off with another protective layer of t-shirts, boxers, nighties, etc.

Have anything leftover?  Don’t be afraid to wear it on the flight in layers, or tie a windbreaker around your waist.  Think smart and you’ll never have to pay extra baggage fees again!