Plan your Next Tour to Stingray City – Review & Guide

Stingray City is located in the Cayman Islands on a natural sandbar in the North sound. Over the past decades the spot has become a main attraction for tourist visiting by cruise ship. Stingray City in the Cayman Islands is the only natural stingray city in the world. Other locations such as the Bahamas, Jamaica and Antigua were all created years after the Cayman Islands. If you are looking to book Stingray City tours then this short guide is for you.


Enjoy Stingray City Grand Cayman tour

There are numbers of Stingray City Grand Cayman tour operators in the Cayman Islands. But you should choose the best one. They have around 30-foot center console speed boat. Try to book tour where they never take more than 12 guests per tour because few companies take over 60 guests per excursion. In small groups, you can enjoys the experience, being able to interact with tour operator’s professional and friendly tour guides.


Don’t just go to Stingray City, but also visit the Barrier Reef for snorkeling,, Rum Point for restaurant or bar services, Starfish Point and the mangrove forest, all points in a single tour. Normally tours just go to Stingray City and maybe snorkeling, but ask them to go the extra mile so that you can experience all the offered places and explore them fully.

Ideal warm water:

The warm waters at the sandbar are ideal for anyone looking to have a fun day out on the water. The Stingrays are very friendly and our guides will show you how to interact with them in a safe and easy way.

Safety is guaranteed and first priority by Tour Operators now:

In case if you are wondering, Steve Irwin (a Crocodile Hunter) was killed by a completely different type of ray, and the stingrays we interact with at the sandbar on nowadays tour are very safe. Now my recommended tour agency have never had any issues before with them, and they are intend to keep it that way.stingray-frontpage

Here are details about how you can book your tour: 

No matter if you live next to the ocean or miles away, we recommend taking advantage of this once in a life time adventure. We are listed as the top company offering service in the Cayman Islands to Stingray City sandbar and Starfish Point.

Prior to arriving in the Cayman Islands, you can arrange a trip with us by submitting a few short details such as ship name or resort details, date of tour, departure time, and you’re all set! We’ll do the rest and ensure you have a wonderful time. Stingray City Cayman Islands is located on the main port terminal in the Cayman Islands, and does provide free shuttle to vessel station and back from local resorts and the Royal Walter Port Terminal.

This should be on the top of your list for any cruise through the Caribbean.